For me yoga with Janine has been a way to get back into regular exercise. It’s improved my flexibility and strength. The way yoga can be adapted has meant it’s really acessible no matter what your ability or (limitations)! I look forward to class every week and I never expected to feel that way about any type of exercise!

C.F. February 2021

If you want to:

  • Increase your flexibility?
  • Reduce your stress and/or anxiety levels
  • Improve the quality of your sleep?
  • Ease your back ache and other common aches
  • Connect with liked minded individuals

Time and time again my students tell me that:

  • They have the best night sleep after yoga
  • My yoga classes provide the oasis of calm for them in their busy lives
  • That their back ache returned when they stopped yoga

If you feel you would benefit from reduced pain, better sleep and time out for you then email me to book your spot in class or a one to one session.

Click on the venue image to fnd out more about it’s facilities and access

A rural, eco hall with underfloor heating and countryside views
Monday 9.30am Cutnall Green
Tuesday 1.30pm Droitwich
Yoga at Droitwich Spa Leisure Centre
Tuesday 6.30pm Droitwich

All new students are asked to complete and return a questionnaire before they start. The form can be found here and then emailed back to me.

Pay as you go per class or discount for block booking for the half term.

If you can not make one of my regular yoga classes in Droitwich Spa and Cutnall Green near Kidderminster please do contact me. I may be able to point you in the direction of alternative classes that meet your needs.

Namaste, Janine

February 2022