Postnatal & Baby Yoga


Are you:

  • Keen to return to exercise?
  • Looking for a class where you baby can join in?
  • Managing a condition such as divarification (seperated abdominals) or recovering from a caesarean?

I remember being desperate to return to exercise after both my pregnancies. The reality of mummy duties, feeding, recovery from a caesarean and tiredness meant this was more challenging than I had anticipated. I have designed my postnatal and baby yoga to be the ideal first step back into exercise and movement for you and your baby.

  • A unique class that includes yoga for you & your baby so it’s mutually beneficial for both of you
  • Learn to tune into your baby and have fun together
  • Improve your strength, tone & body shape
  • Suitable for those with seperated abdominals, pelvic floor issues and those recovering from SPD/pelvic girdle problems
  • Meet other mums and babies – time after every class for a cuppa, homemade cake and a natter (all free)
  • Taught by a fully qualified postnatal exercise specialist teacher
  • To attend the class it should be at least 6 weeks since you gave birth (10 weeks post caesarean section) and you should have undergone your GP checkup.
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Tuesday Hampton Lovett Parish Hall, Droitwich, Worcesteshire, WR9 0LU    Directions

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Postnatal & Baby Yoga Class
Pre-book 6 week course £54

Yoga Wellbeing Postnatal health questionnaire


To reserve a space return the booking form for the appropriate course and  health form. Once your place is confirmed I will request payment.

For more detailed information about Mum and Baby Yoga classes and their benefits for both please call or email me.

The following information covers common questions often asked by students new to my classes

Preparing for a class

  • Although it is advisable not to have a big meal before a session, you may want to have a snack such as a banana, to help maintain your energy levels up, especially if you are breastfeeding.
  • It is sensible to empty your bladder before you practice Yoga.

What should I wear?

  • You should wear comfortable clothing that you can move easily in (elasticated waist bands are more comfortable than zips).
  • For your own safety we will practice postures in bare feet.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • You need a non-slip rubber mat. If you don’t already have one, you can buy one from me for £10
  • Socks and a top to keep you warm during relaxation.
  • A blanket for your baby to work on and a pillow would also make you more comfortable during relaxation. There are some cushions and pillows provided in the room.

What do I do if the baby needs to….?

Your baby is our first priority. You should feel free to feed or change your baby during the session if you need to. All babies cry and you should try not to feel uncomfortable if your baby cries during a session. We are all mums and used to crying babies and no one will mind.

Do you have twins? There is no extra charge for bringing twins to the sessions.

Places are limited. To secure your space please complete the health questionnaire and booking form on this page and return straight away.

Directions to Hampton Lovett Parish Hall are here


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