Long term yoga fan

I first came to yoga nearly 25 years ago. A friend asked me to accompany her to a class and I was immediately hooked. 

I just loved the non-competitive nature of yoga and the opportunity to explore what my body could do through yoga postures. The class gave me a chance to still my very busy mind, that always favours questioning and analysing everything! When I was learning all these new things, my mind couldn’t focus on anything else, I was completely focused on yoga and all my worries drifted away for the 90minutes. True bliss!

I kept up my yoga practice with a regular class attendance. I did not consciously realise the physical benefits yoga was having on me until a moved forced me to stop going to a regular class. My body quickly stiffened and aches and pains I had experienced before I practised yoga returned.  I knew I needed yoga back in my life and looked for a class. It took me a while to get used to a different teacher (I never have much liked change!)  But through resuming a regular practise the aches and pains subsided and my mind was calmed to enable me to cope with the challenges of the new area and adventures.

Qualified and experienced yoga teacher

As a trained teacher, I decided that I would like to become a yoga teacher too. The chance to bring together my love of yoga and my skill at breaking down concepts and making learning fun was too good an opportunity to miss. I opted to take the 3 year diploma course with the British Wheel of Yoga  and was blessed to train with Structural Yoga Therapist Shakti Bhakti.

I went on to do further British Wheel of Yoga teacher trainings in Pregnancy Yoga and Postnatal and Baby Yoga.

With nearly 20years of teaching experience I pride myself on taking the wellbeing of every student extremely seriously. Every lesson is planned to give individual students appropriate modifications to meet their own needs. This enables every student to get maximum benefit, whatever their physical limitations, encouraging them to listen to their body.

Laughter Yoga

My classes are inclusive and fun. Students enjoy the friendship and support that comes from doing a regular group activity and a little laughter in class is a not unusual. As long as we are safe with what we do in class, it’s ok to have a laugh along the way.   

​If you would like to improve your flexibility and quality of movement, calm the sense of overwhelm and busy brain that we all feel or just want some time out for you then my classes provide a unique chance to you to achieve these.

Feeling inspired to join me in a class? Find out more about classes here