What equipment do I need and where do I get it?

If you are new to yoga you will want to know what equipment you need to attend a class. You will definitely need a non-slip yoga mat of at least 4mm thickness, thicker if you like more padding under you. You can purchase a yoga mat in lots of high street stores and sometimes even supermarkets. I have 4mm Yoga Mad Warrior Mats in stock. These are excellent mats, wash well and mine has lasted me years.

A yoga block can also be helpful if you find sitting on the floor for periods of a challenge. Yoga blocks can be really helpful in helping you modify colours. I currently have Ecotex recycled foam yoga blocks in stock for students to purchase at the discounted price of £6.50 a block. Just let me know if you want one and I can bring them to class.

Currently in stock

Yoga Mad Warrior II 4mm mats in navy blue£10 each
Ecotex recycled foam yoga blocks in grey or orange (blue out of stock) £6.50 each

Yoga straps/belts are helpful, particularly if you have tight hamstrings, but we only use these occassionally in class.

Many students have their own yoga blocks and belts, however you can build up your equipment as you find out what works for you. I am always happy to give you more guidance on what equipment to get, so please do ask.

Ultimately having your own equipment means you are able to practise at home if you want to and make yoga part of your daily routine.

Eco yoga equipment

If you are keen to purchase sustainable and eco yoga equipment, you might like to try online suppliers:

Ecotex Yoga They are a small company, based in Edinburgh, providing sustainable mats and props

Yoga clicks Sustainable and ethical yoga equipment. This link should automatically give you 15% off your first purchase.

These are affliate links, so if you click on them I may earn a small commission if you go onto purchase their products. I recommend because I like the company and their ethos, not because I may earn commission.