Everything you need to know as a beginner to yoga in Worcestershire and beyond

I have been a yoga teacher in Worcestershire for over 15 years therefore I have been asked lots of questions by potential yoga students. Are you a beginner contemplating attending yoga classes?  I have tried to answer some of the common questions here that most new people ask but do get in contact to discuss your specific needs, as we are all unique and it’s always good to talk.

Who can do yoga?

Yoga can be adapted for most people and conditions. Sometimes it is advisable to go to a specialist class for example when you are pregnant, postnatal etc. If I know my class isn’t suitable I will try and put you in contact with other local teachers who will be able to help you.

Am I too old to start yoga?

Anyone of any age can do yoga and many people wish they had started sooner.  It is important to make sure the class is appropriate for your needs. Everyone student attending must complete a health form in advance declaring any health or wellbeing concerns that they have. This allows me to make adaptations to my planning and offer relevant modifications to you. Also you must check with your GP or health care team to make sure they are happy for you take part in a yoga class.

I am not very flexible, can I do yoga?

You don’t need to be flexible to do yoga. Beginners to yoga classes find by doing yoga they become flexible and sometimes improve their range of movement. The gentle exercises we do in class help to promote better mobility in the joints and people often report that it can ease aches and pains. As yoga is non-competitive you are encouraged to focus on your own body rather than comparing yourself to others.  You don’t start any activity expecting to be ‘the best’ at it. As a beginner to  yoga it will take you a few weeks to get used to the posture names and learn how to do the basic postures.  Like anything new that we do there is lots to learn, but that is all part of the adventure and learning a new skill is so good for your mental wellbeing.

What if I can’t lie still?

In yoga we work towards stilling our mind and our bodies during the session so they can both relax. This isn’t easy for many of us living in modern, western cultures BUT it is a skill that can be learnt. For a short period at the beginning and end of our yoga class we lay on our mats and relax. Using different strategies and techniques we can teach ourselves how to find the quiet stillness. 

It’s important that new students have realistic expectations and an ability to relax deeply may not happen in week 1, but that doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen! Being able to calm the mind and have a more mindful approach has wonderful benefits for our physical and mental wellbeing. Developing a stillness of the thoughts can be particularly beneficial to those suffering from anxiety and drepression.

What if I relax and fall asleep in my yoga class?

Occasionally people do nod off and this can happen to beginners or experienced yoga students.

But, it’s rare to fall into a deep sleep. If you do it’s rarer still that anyone else ever notices (other than the teacher) as everyone else is relaxing too.  Usually, as I give gentle instructions to bring people’s awareness back to the room before they move at the end of relaxation, anyone who has drifted off comes back.

If you have gone into a state of deep relaxation in a class you need to make sure you have a good drink of water and some fresh air before you get on with the rest of your day.

What equipment do I need and where do I get it?

For a yoga class you will need a yoga mat. You can get these in lots of high street stores and sometimes even supermarkets. I have some new equipment for sale here and I can bring it to class for you.

A yoga block can also be helpful if you find sitting on the floor for periods of a challenge.

Many students have their own yoga blocks and belts, however you can build up your equipment as you find out what works for you. I am always happy to give you more guidance on what equipment to get, so please do ask.

Ultimately having your own equipment means you are able to practise at home if you want to and make yoga part of your daily routine.

Where do I get equipment?

If you are looking for a green/eco mat option you might like to try online suppliers:

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These are affliate links, so if you click on them I may earn a small commission if you go onto purchase their products. I recommend because I like the company and their ethos, not because I may earn commission.

Feeling ready now to join a class or book a 1-1 session? Send me a message marked yoga for beginners and start your yoga adventure. Yoga for beginners in Worcestershire